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  • summary: Our production introduces the most advanced painting and polishing artwork to wipe off oxide skin on the surface of steel shich can not only keep well adhesion of paint.
  • summary: Germany Kjellberg hyperfine CNC plasma cutting machine is imported.
  • summary: Lasser high-power laser cutting machine is imported.
  • summary: Fully automatic machining center is imported process insulation.
  • summary: Japanese Yaskawa welding robot workstation is imported, the welding deformation od workpieces is small, quality is stable and reliable and efficiency is increased by many times compared to artificial welding.
  • summary: The fully automatic submerged arc welding machine is imported, so that welding strength is high and deformation is small and it is a useful tool for manufacturing high quality welded workpieces.
  • summary: The welding arm is extended to make operation more convenient, rapid and place saving.
  • summary: CNC bending machine
  • summary: The machine body has high strength and frame is integrally processed to ensure the processing accuracy of the machine body and the stress of the machine body is eliminated by using the vibration time efficiency instrument.
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