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  • Name: Hight frequency transverse joining machine for wooden board
  • Number: 02.01.04
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High Frequency Transverse Joining Machine For Wooden Board


This machine can gharge from width direction continuously, equipped cut-to-size saw behind, with precise cutting for all kinds of width to user needs, the previous process of manual matching board was reduced (add the certain width of the margin to reach required width, at least 8-10 mm), gratly improved the output rate of material, and save the cutting width working procedure, improve the efficiency.

Adopting transverse charging way, splicing high grade plate with manual color-matching。 It is more convenient to join off sttandard board without changing sole timber。

It can be equipped with automatic charge and automatic glue machine, which totally realized automatic production in high efficiency and high output, and it is a revolution in the way of board joining。


Workbench size (mm) 3000×1000
Splicing thickness (mm) 8-80
Upper pressure (t) 20
Back pressure (t) 38
Actuating pressure (t) 10
Down pressure of moving block (t) 20
Overall dimension (mm) 3700(L)×2350(W)×2500(H)
Weight (t) 7。2
Feeding mode Automatic
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