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  • Name: Hight frequency automatic gluing joining machine for wooden angles
  • Number: 01.01.10
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High Frequency Automatic Gluing Joining Machine For Wooden Angles


The workpiece is glued automatically. Its production efficiency is 3-4 times higher than the common machine. Saving glue, the overflow glue is very small, easily to clean. It is equipped with angle-fix mechanism, diagonal angle accuracy.

It enables fast joining from various angles without using tenon or staple gun and avoids the complicated process in later stage, which can be used in picture frame, mirror frame, cabinet, and timber door. The high glue strength solves the cracking problems with wooden door and line angle, simplifying the paint polishing. Battens covered with PVC, paper or paint can be assembled by this machine.


The glue is solidified by heating in 5-10 seconds, adopt precision linear guide, which is higher precision。


Type CGDJ-5C
Workbench size (mm) 600×560
Gluing type Manual operation
Pressurizing mode Pneumatic pressure
Overall dimension (mm) 1320(L)×650(W)×1500(H)
Weight (t) 0。5


      Adhesive part will be easy cracking by using common frame assembly machine.                                                                    


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